Sevrin for Silents

Steven Sevrin performed Music for Silents live at the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax on the 13th.
Playing over 6 silents, 5 of them contemporary, my favorite was the The Seashell an the Clergyman.
Considered to be the first surrealist film est. 1928, I am endlessly fascinated with the look of the people in the film, and the special effects were remarkable.

Sevrin performed the score at a tiny desk on stage with a laptop, glass of red wine and luminous kidoscopic mouse. Mysterious, haunting, beautiful, and frightening.

His score allowed the subconscious to sort out what the eyes were seeing, even if the conscious was still left in a daze.

James went the flowing night solo to see the premier of Sevrin’s score to Jean Cocteau’s The Blood of a Poet and was blown away. He has a gift of understanding these surrealist movies. Where I see sex, violence and impenetrable symbolism, he sees a clear narrative had a deepened understanding from the symbolism. Ah I love this man!

In turn, I spent the night setting up my blog!… and playing a little ACII

He always knows the most artful and inspiring things to go to. I am so grateful for these experiences he gives me.

Sept 20th 2009, we attended the lecture An Evening With Brian Eno. This was in fact the most artistic and inspiring experience I’ve had since I studied art in college. His unique perspective on art and what art is, is the most concisely put I have ever experienced.

Fine art is when there is no longer a need for function

There is a math to his concepts, a sublime preciseness.
I still kick myself for not recording the audio. I would love to hear that lecture again!


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