D&G Madonna Ad Campaigne

I am desperately in love with the scene this picture evokes. This is Europe in a nutshell. Simple, fresh, artisanal, and screamingly chic.
D&G Madonna Style Watch article
My first impression of Madonna was that this photo aged her, but oh how I love it! love it! love it!
This is how to embrace your age and looking devastatingly chic!
D&G whipped out yet another fantastic mind stirring campaign.
As my favorite couture ad designer, Dolce & Gabanna jumped out from the pack of Italian designer ho-hum and went careening head-dress first onto my radar. The Knife Series blew me away and I was from then on hooked!


One thought on “D&G Madonna Ad Campaigne

  1. That Madonna pic is a copy of a scene in a Sophia Loren movie, I’ll have to remember which one though,, 🙂

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