Impromptu Flight to Nusbaum Clan-Kalamazoo, Michigan

Thank-you husband for convincing me to go! I would kick myself later if I missed this. Sure it’s expensive, sure it’s impractical, sure I have barely a plan, but Aunt Carol is my spirit guide and I’m up for an adventure on the frozen tundra.
Airplane sunrise is spectacular and well worth the early rise and airport impracticalities. Everyone in the plane is quite taken with it, all eyes are locked to the windows.

Young boy gazes at the sunrise as his father sleeps.

Next stop Phoenix, AZ, where I’ll meet up with Chase and Krystal for the flight to Detroit…

I step out into 18 degree cold, my breath vaporizes instantly and I’m breathing clouds. Wonderfully refreshing, clean tasting air, like a glass of ice water when you’re parched.

I’m enthralled with all the snow, the moon is spectacularly bright and lights up the night, gorgeous blue landscape under silvery white snow. By 3am the temperature dropped to a stinging freezing 5 degrees while we cozied up in Aunt Carol’s house playing cards, drinking Greyhounds, and Champagne and Chambord.
I convinced Will to stop by, using my best James coercion tactics, and Aunt Carol brought out my Grandfather’s Military Jacket for him to try on. It looked fantastic and he wore it to the wedding.
Grandma was delighted! I learned that she and my grandfather eloped after meeting at the Kellogg plant in Battle Creek and that she and the children followed him all around his US Tour of Duty.

Gramma, Baby Uncle Mike and Grandpa Gene during his US Tour. Grandma wears the dress she marries in.

Grandma and I stand at the back of the room looking over the celebration and it struck me suddenly that all this was from her, all these cousins, aunts & uncles, babies and mothers and fathers all sprang from her. I turned to Grandma and told her my thoughts and she made a little smile and nodded her head and said “well yes”.

Sunset Hotel: Location of Wedding After Party, Tanning Salon, Indoor Pool and 14ft Snowpile. The Taj Mahal of Allegan MI. Aunt Carol, Cousin Stephanie and their Beaus, Cousins Will & Chase and their Honeys and me partied out till 3am. Several of A&E’s wedding party wandered in an out of our room, sounded like we had the best party going in.

Highlight: Sledding down the snow pile outside our room window on a shoe rack with the family hanging out the window cheering me on!
Chase expertly surfed the thing. I trapsed back indoors with a smile on my face and a numbed over rear end.

All the pictures I took on this trip

Aunt Charolotte’s FB album of the wedding


One thought on “Impromptu Flight to Nusbaum Clan-Kalamazoo, Michigan

  1. Wow, sounds like you really enjoyed youreself! Isn’t snow fun… for like a half an hour and then cold has lost its intrigue once your nose feels like its going to fall off.

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