Unexpected 3 Day Weekend Begins Now!

Alligator Brat– – spicy, fat-free, and more delicious than any other I’ve tasted!

Louisiana Marinated, from Brats Brothers Gourmet Sausage & Grill on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks

Salon appointment with a FREE cut!

Cabernet sipped from a Styrofoam cup at Dej.

Hawaiian Primo Lager poured from a glowing mini-keg at Good (the First Time) with James and Ben

I over heard Dej’s owner and his client discussing the salons lack of a website. The client wanted to create one for him and the owner said he was looking to have it up in about 2 months (which I thought was a ridiculously long time to wait for a website, but what evs).

Most interesting to me was the level of comfort the client had soliciting the owner. The owner eventually declined and the client had to sit there getting his hair done for another ½ hour. Oh the humiliation of rejection! But this guy didn’t seem to care at all. Men have an enormous amount of confidence and ego that I wish to emulate.

They are busy talking people into why they’re so great, while I spend the same energy talking myself out of why I’m not great enough.

Perhaps these are Rules #1 & #2 for the page Rules of Business: Life Lessons I Sometimes Forget to

Follow.#1 Do not fear rejection.

#2 Self-empowerment.

If a prospective client does not want to do business, it’s up to me to convince them why they want to do business. If a client doesn’t like what I create, it’s up to me to show them why they like it.

And if I can’t convince them on either point, it’s their loss, and it’s ok.

I should just get out on a limb, practice makes perfect and I’m sure after a few tumbles I can figure how to turn rejection into success.

My thoughts on how men are such natural salesmen:

Men spend most of their developmental years being rejected by women (or building confidence wooing them left and right), so their egos can either snap back quickly from rejection and failure since they’re used to it, or their egos are so huge that nothing is going to burst that bubble. Women on the other hand only experience rejection by not being perfect enough and view success as perfection and there is room for nothing else. Or perhaps that’s my hang up.

Regardless, time to get to it! I’ve got a business to run! Start that page Eakins.

Pumpkin Ride, Valentine’s Day and LACMA are in the plans.


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