Pumpkins Ride Again!

The most beautiful, warm weekend since the rains set the perfect backdrop for the Pumpkins to ride again.

Destination: Downtown – 6 miles of hilly bike lanes down Sunset Blvd with plenty of people about enjoying the weather.
I cleverly devised a way to strap a small backpack to the front of my bike so I’m free to enjoy the ride unfettered.

Cycling pit stop at the Indian pan flute band at the gazebo next to the Mexican American History Museum, to the 1-Man-Band we met once in San Pedro at Lobster Fest a few years back in the Little Tokyo outdoor mall where we locked up our bikes for lunch and exploring.

one man band!

Supercuteness in Little Tokyo

Only in Little Tokyo! Super Cute!!

Our friends, who happened to be in the area for the gourmet food truck food festival met up with us after learning they had to wait 2 hours before even getting in. No wonder the area was so crowded! Would have never known we were all in the area if it hadn’t been for Gowalla! Can that app do no wrong?

We had a lot of fun at ZenCu restaurant and decided to meet back up in Silver Lake at the Good Bar for their glowing 5 pint mini keg special.

Said glowing mini-keg, Jen and I are mirroring each other.

Matty secures his bike

Matt biked over to meet us. We’ll get him to ride with us one of these days!

We introduced Jen & Michelle to the crazy interior of Rough Trade, trully jaw dropping “equipment” in that place, and we got a full tour from the awsome upstairs clerk.

Jenn & I are gathering photographic evidence

Rounded out the night with a dance party at our place, a few more friends joined us too!

James Justin & Matt

I survived week 1: barely


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