Gorgeous Weekend continues to Valetine’s Day

Unconventional to the end we spend most of V day with Matt. Walked all around the Franklin Community and Los Feliz, had a romantic anti-valentines lunch, bought a dress, read a book, had lots of tasty food!
Oh yes and how could I forget the Scientology protest across the street from Birds – Guy Fawkes masks, Xenu squid outfit and some woman screaming “They’re wearing those F$¥£ing masks again!”. Much to my dismay I couldn’t get a clear pic of him. Imagine Pirates of the Caribbean Davy Jones Squid Mask, and a sort of Papal Garment made up of sheets of Dianetics books. Priceless!

Anti-Valentine’s day brunch at Birds, complete with hanging ex-lover effigy, poison arrow cocktails and sinful chocolate fudgey cake.

My favorite boutique store $20 rack called Native next door furnished me with a darling shear navy dress, then on to sipping Bourgeois Pig iced tea and enjoying the protest at the celebrity center.

We catch up with Matt for the second leg off our Valentine’s Day and take a walk past the Max Senet studios near our home.

I read Yoshitaka Amano’s Mateki: The Magic Flute at Skylight Books, much to the ire of the clerk. I was so absorbed and it was so beautiful I hadn’t noticed his glaring.


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