President’s Day Off!

Enjoying a lovely day off, perfect weather, shopping, and free admission to LACMA & Renoir. Album link here

Caught the Painted Veil on HBO-Beautifully shot, dreamy landscapes, set in the 20s. Perfect.

Hollywood and Highland Center for shopping and costumer watching

Forget pajama Spiderman, checkout this Transformer!

There were several similar sorts of costumer, a wide range of quality: PJs vs Realistic Spider Man. Marilyn in a varying degrees of decay, this goes for the catwoman and Capn’ Jack Sparrow as well.

Again, a tourist couple selected me to take their photo, I’m a magnet for this sort of thing. Michelle thinks it has something to do with my height, but I’m not sure I want to know why…

LACMA: Renoir In the 20th Century (which actually crossed over into the 21st Century) exhibit was interesting. A short film taken of him in the early 1900s revealed hands crippled by arthritis into a claw shape with huge shooter marbles for knuckles. None-the-less, he popped the brush into the space between his middle and pointer finger and dabbed at the canvas, creating some of the finest nudes regarded in art today. Indeed, the element of control in his painting method is far greater than that of using a mouse to draw on the computer.


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