Pumpkins training – week deux; China Town Year of the Tiger Parade; Miss March; Violaine

A quick jaunt to Silver Lake Farmer’s Market yields fresh fruits, veggies & tasty Cafecito coffee.

Cafecito Organico handcrafted organic coffees

Cafecito Organico handcrafted organic coffees

I usually get the Ethiopian beans, a bold coffee with a rich molasses flavor; but this time I went for the Espresso, upon recommendation from Cafecito and will try it in my drip coffee maker. Of course I couldn’t leave the stand without buying a cup of the Ethiopian to drink of the spot with a healthy drizzle of molasses.

Like my new interest in regional wine, the same is for regional coffee blends. I like the idea of tasting the place instead of the perfection of a plant species, at least this week. Ha!

I’m drinking the espresso drip as I write this and it’s quite tasty indeed!

fierce sentry of the tangerine tree, click here for entire album

Pumpkin’s Bike to China Town for Chinese New Years Parade, new addition Tanya rocked her BMX

Bubbles and confetti replaced nerve jarring firecrackers; Nikki Sixx wandering around in full rocker garb; Beauty queens; High school bands; a Taekwondo troop; politicians and a couple of dragons.

New favorite China Town Chinese restaurant Hoy King; Asian descriptions of their food and restaurants never cease to delight me: http://hoyking.com/; another great example is the “healthy fried” fare at Kyochon

Tasty Chinese Pastries at Family Pastry

Sesame Balls with bean paste, curd tarts, bean paste bear claw!

Tanya makes super cute Asian pose #8, cute kitty!

Christian activists get a little tongue in cheek retaliation to their signage.

Two humorous anti-religious protests in as many weeks, what will next weekend bring?

Acura LA Bike Tour coming up! Michelle is doubtful we’re in shape for it, but I think we’ll do just fine! After all we rode 6 miles of hills to and from downtown and still have the energy for Violaine tonight. Next weekend we’re planning a 30 mile beach ride. This time I’ll wear my padded shorts!

Miss March kills! Whitest kids you know movie poster

Miss March from the whitest kids you know kills! Create link & pic-Funniest comedy I’ve seen in a long time.

James arranged with Roberto a corkage fee at Violaine so I could bring my own wine! This gave Carlo the awesome idea of a Violaine wine tasting night!

I survived week two – the Violaine patio. Now can I survive Ready the Casa? The answer is Yes! Thankfully Sean kept my attention by playing our respective band’s music for each other in his blissfully smoke free room.Glass Battles vs. broaddaylight


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