James gets a shout-out on Kill Radio, Curling-the new wonder sport!, District 9 Blows us away, Heavenly bed arrives

District 9 film poster

District 9: exciting, heart wrenching, unpredictable, strong social commentary, excellent graphics – no wonder it’s an Oscar contender! View Commentary

This movie was the exact opposite of what I expected and I couldn’t have been happier. Even Matt loved it and he hates everything. James and I are excited that a prequel for District 9 is in talks. Another film project in talks that I eagerly await is the new Riddick.

“That was James Eakins of broaddaylight doing blue tomorrows” announced Kill Radio DJ after playing our song! Eeeeeeeeee!!! Awesome!!!!

Winter Olympic watching all week/weekend long.

Curling Harlequin Pants sweep the 2010 Winter Olympics

Curling-the winter wonder sport! Chess on ice took our friends by storm. After 4 days and considerable hours put into watching curling, my husband throws out a bizarre tidbit of information: the men’s curling outfits are causing quite the stir in the curling community, he’s in deeper than I thought; then later I hear the phrase “I just learned there’s defensive sweeping!” beamed with great enthusiasm. For a game akin to croquet/bowling/pool/janitorial duties, one does not often hear how “hot” the women’s team are, which of course all agreed with even greater enthusiasm

Biathlon-shooting & cross country skiing, what more could you ask for? My native country coming in 2nd that’s what!

The weekend was made perfect by the arrival of our lovely, heavenly, cottony, comfy bed.

12 pound pact – making it happen!


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