Broaddaylight whirl-wind DJ tour winds down

Club Violaine featured James Eakins of broaddaylight to DJ saturday night; and‘s show “radio let’s go!” invited broaddaylight to guest DJ their show last Sunday. Had a blast on both nights and met some really awesome people! Richard, Lilly and Alex of killradio are all fantastic and some of my new favorite people.
Sean Connelly of Glass Battles is my Taurus Conspirator, how I do adore my kind!
DJ Darren Revell – Big Sonic Heaven – had his birthday party at kung pow kitty yesterday that was super-fun. Amazing Irish Car Bomb chocolate cupcakes. Check-box checked next to his name for another great friend as well!

Up Movie Poster

Up had tears running down my face within 20 minutes. I love, love, love that movie! It fully deserved the academy nomination awarded, and was definitely one of the best movies I saw that came out of last year.

Full movie poster image

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was delightful! Graphics, costume changes, and imaginings of each character were brilliant. Did I mention Alice’s costume changes? The story was truly a “part two”, building upon Alice in Wonderland in an original way while not deviating from its voice.


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