20s Return!

Just bought a bitchin’ pair of shoes from bluefly

candela tokyo slip on oxford in gold leather.

They remind me of one of my favorite makeup jobs from Galliano’s 2010 Spring – Collection posted by Jamaica in her blog Oh Look That’s Lovely

Incidentally, she makes gorgeous, chic and non-toxic Hand Painted European Ceramic-ware

What also flashed in my mind the second I saw these darling golden shoes:

Dreamily walking along the boardwalk of a far reaching, wide flat beach in France, children running about with brightly colored pails brimming with mussels, sweet spring air swirling with the cleansing ocean brine, billowing my skirt and teasing the brim of my hat. I’m thinking Chanel at her beginnings, I’m thinking of the bright, beautiful beaches of my native country…

Love that they are “slip-ons”, but are nonetheless lace-up oxfords (that specifically come with no laces); and the named “Tokyo” creates irresistible combination of coolness!

Oh my golden little 20s/Frenchie/Tokyo shoes, we will have the greatest of aventures together. Hurry up and arrive!

Bird with ribbon collection


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