Ellis & Somewhere

Somewhere - written and directed by Sophia Coppola

The new film from Sophia Coppola, one of my favorite directors ties in perfectly with the Bret Easton Ellis event at Largo Coronet for his new novel Imperial Bedrooms. I love how her movie poster and the Ellis poster (below) echo each other.

Blind luck gave us near front door free parking – an impossibility in Los Angeles; front row seats and a short wait in line to get our stuff signed.

Shear genius gave us a brilliant show: 3 persons to perform experts from Ellis’ books, a short film staring Victor Ward, Kip Perdue reprising his role along with James Van Der Beek’s Sean Bateman who also played host for the evening and lead the q&a with Ellis.

Less than Zero: “People are afraid to merge on freeways in Los Angeles”.. the guy applied a slow and annoying spoken word style to the material, yet it was no less brilliant for his butchering and primed the evening for imperial bedrooms, the described sequal to less than zero.

Next up: Jerry Stahl, Permanent Midnight author, hilariously reads an excerpt from Lunar Park – the book tour debacle.

American Psycho: Joel McHale BRILLIANTLY PERFORMS the “deck chairs restaurant” excerpt. I’m on a mission to get that man to do a version of the audio book or somehow reboot the role of Patrick Bateman on screen. I was laughing so hard tears streamed down my face and I missed half of it.

The Entertaining short plays. Went so fast I wish I could see it again.

image for the ellis imperial bedrooms event at largo

image for the ellis imperial bedrooms event at largo

Ellis reads from his new book and Van Der Beek interviews. Largely entertaining, but since I’ve read so many interviews and seen so many interviews there was a lot of stuff I already new.

Best question of the night: we live in a facebook & twitter world and nothing has really happened unless it’s on facebook so let us please take your picture.

Response [incredulous]: I didn’t know you couldn’t take photos… by all means take photos!

An explosionof starry flashes from the audience. We leaned right up on the stage and snapped our shots!

van der beek & ellis at imperial bedrooms event

van der beek & ellis at imperial bedrooms event

The perfect end to a perfect evening: James and his brother being photographed with their rare and unique freshly signed collectibles. [picture pending].

See here for a fantastic trailor to the new book imperial bedrooms
The Largo coronet by the way had several beautiful scupltures.

sculpture 1


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