Dangerbird & Delphic

delphic dangerbird show

Delphic @ Dangerbird studios, see all their electronic gear on stage! From left to right: Matt, James & Dan

Dangerbird Records, founded by local Silver Lake band the Silversun Pickups,put on a music even at their label featuring their new band Delphic.

Complimentary gourmet food truck with the best Fries, the best Ice Cream sandwiches, Beer, Wine and Fun!

The studio/label was beautiful, green and modern. Very much a secret gem of a place in Los Angeles [I want to dedicate a page to secret places in LA].

The band played on a patio above an outdoor basketball court (pictured right). In fact they played during the NBA Championship halftime! After the show everyone crowded around the flat screens setup in the court and parking lot to watch the Lakers take the victory.

Acolyte Album link, Delphic Band

Acolyte Album

Delphic blew us away! An amazing blend of guitars and techno, that echoes Manchester greats like Joy Division and the Chemical Brothers. I will definitely have to get their album when it comes out at the end of the month.

Click Here for a Wikipedia list of Greater Manchester area bands. The place spawns a prolific lot of amazing artists.

We were fortunate enough to talk to Delphic after their show. Formed in 2008, Matt, James and Dan were a joy to talk to, unfortunately we weren’t able to meet their amazing athlete of a drummer. They’re very down to earth and love the music scene from where they come.


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