Goldfrapp at the Bowl

front woman allison goldfrapp of goldfrapp at the hollywood bowl

Front woman Allison Goldfrapp of Goldfrapp at their debut performance at the Hollywood Bowl looked like a creation out of Xanadu

GOLDFRAPP = FAN-TAS-TIC – a better birthday present I dare you to find!

I love all of their songs, but LUCKY FOR ME they played my absolute favorites! Opening with Utopia and closing with an encore from her new album.

He soaring soprano voice is breath-taking to hear live.
The fab Xanadu stage aesthetic – think silver lame capes & key-tars – her hair blowing dramatically around her face from a floor fan gave me the feel that I was watching a music video for the entire performance.
Their supremely danceable, fun, sexy, music transports me to a world of apricot sunrises and pool side light.

James commented that Allison Goldfrapp herself is a perfect cross between Olivia Newton John, Pat Benatar and Fleetwood Mac and that he’d always wanted to go to an Olivia Newton John concert and now feels that he has. Goldfrapp’s cover of Olivia Newton John’s “physical” is sexy gritty clubby – awesome.

She had the Bowl dancing wherever there was a shred of space to move!

goldfrapp & the buena vista social club

goldfrapp and the buena vista social club

The Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra played before her and I immediately became a fan. Dinner tables and white-gloved waiters served the boxes during their cabana club performance hearkening to the Ricky Ricardo supper-club era. Couples samba-ed in the aisles and wine flowed freely.


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