I’m getting out of the house. Step one, local coffee shop. All around me are apple laptops, iphones, cell phone ear buds, and people attached and staring. What could they all be doing?

OMG someone with an actual paper book just sat down: studying.

Across town, at the Bourgeois Pig, they’re all script writers or aspiring script writers.

I think that girl over there, in the white, with the long wavy hair is communicating with a real person – giggling into her laptop screen.

Someone has just come to sit with her and they’ve jumped into a flurry of conversation.

It is odd that cafe’s started in Paris as a social meeting ground, flourishing with vibrant conversation, and then fast-forward hundreds of years to modern-day and the only voices you hear come from the music player. Girl with the long wavy hair and friend excluded.

Back to the steps. It’s nearly 11 and I think the comic store will be open with the most recent Buffy. The last issue of the Twilight series was heart wrenching. I can’t wait to see what happens next! I’ll be suckered into the new Dark Horse Angel series as well.

Ugh the wavy haired girl is miss industry: name dropping and jargon wielding like crazy in the most blasé way. Of course she lives in Highland Park. Her lesbian friend has a real live baby accessory on her lap. She also lives in Highland Park.

Almost forgot: Happy 90210 Day!


2 thoughts on “Intelligentsia

  1. Whatever happened to just wrapping your hands around a well made hot vanilla soy latte and sharing your thoughts with a real person sitting with you at the table, you know, real conversation, taking it easy, releasing your stress. Those moments make my day, they make me sane and comfortable with life. I NEVER take my laptop to a coffee shop, a book maybe, a sketchbook often. And I never know where my cell phone is. I guess I’m a freak Sarah.

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