Bret Easton Ellis last reading… Ever!


Best reading/bare-your-soul-q&a ever! Deep, heavy, hilarious! Empire/post empire, jersey shore, the hills, angry birds, Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, James Joyce, how his Dad is the #1 person who fucked him up, betrayal, movie scripts-he hasn’t ruled out writing another book (thank-you James for getting that answer out of him!), how glamorama was about how his father wanted a different son to replace Brett (mind blowing): basically a large scale dinner conversation (imagine if there was wine and food involved!).
Of course we got the rest of our Ellis stuff signed – Yeah!
Thank-you for a great event Skylight Books!



One thought on “Bret Easton Ellis last reading… Ever!

  1. Amazing! I’ve had Imperial Bedrooms on my book list for a while…I’ll get to reading it sooner now. Looked like fun!

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