Skinny Jeans are Loosening Up

Are skinny jeans looking well… too Skinny?

Never would I have thought to utter such a phrase. Only 2 months ago, my friend Michelle and I swore fealty to the Throne of Skinny Jeans. She’s a fashionable shopaholic, such as yours-truly, and we vigorously agreed on two points:

Joe’s Jeans – Micro Flare. I love the playful fantasy of this ad.

  1. All our old bootcut jeans seem like monstrous bell-bottoms.
  2. The widest leg we’ll ever consider is a straight cut.

Flash forward a month, and I’m starting to get the itch that skinny jeans aren’t all that fabulous… Perhaps it’s the summer heat that makes me shudder the thought of pulling them on, but I know I’m not alone. Retailers are creating new cuts that are pulling away from the standard skinny, from Joe’s Jeans Micro-flare (shown here), to cowboy jeans, to the wide-leg trouser jean.

The super-comfy boyfriend cut has gained a lot of traction of the past few years, while “boot-cut” isn’t  the dirty word it was. Just as waistlines are rising (yes! no more plumber looks) skinny jeans are loosening up. Check out these two leading skinny jeans looks: Awkward huh?


Outdated: regular size looks too tight and +sized is not flattering

Present day, I get my Piperlime newsletter “The 6 Pieces You’ll Wear from Fall to Infinity” highlighting The Not-t0-skinny Jeans; high-end clothiers such as Marni are creating baggier shapes, such as cropped boyfriend jeans; and skinny jeans themselves are loosing ground to the ultra-comfortable jeggings and tailored options like Jodhpur knit leggings.

The skinny isn’t leaving, just loosening up and becoming a bona-fide classic.

Audrey Hepburn popularized skinny in the 60’s, and since their re-emergence in the mid-oughts, the new era of skinny jeans is movability and breathability. New cuts aside, I will always keep the classic lean-legged look near and dear to my heart, especially when wearing with my tall riding boots, just a little loosened up 🙂


2 thoughts on “Skinny Jeans are Loosening Up

  1. You are so lucky that you can wear slim jeans!!!I cannot do the skinny jean thing, my butt is too big, I like mine wide legged (not flared) with a crease please 1930’s style ….a la Katherine Hepburn. And the higher waistline is so nice because it makes your legs look longer.

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