Vocal Recording Essentials

Water, Coconut Water, Rescue Remedy, Headphones & Lyric Book with my trusty pencil are my vocal recording essentials.

Just finished recording my vocals for our latest album! Being hydrated and relaxed are key for me, so much so that all the warming up in the world won’t do any good without h&r. Works great for shows too!

Water, water, water! Sip it through out the sessions.
Coconut water. This is a trick I learned from a vocal coach years ago. It has lots of electrolytes, without all the drying sugars of sports drinks.
Bach Flower Remedies Rescue Remedy: miraculously calms nerves.

Next in my arsenal, a solid set of headphones. Plus, I always have my lyric book handy to note edits made during recording. I always write my lyrics in pencil! That way I can easily edit as I go along.

Of course all this is just on my end, a great producer and great equipment are equally important, and I am forever grateful to the magic my husband works in the studio.

If you want to hear our music, check out my band broaddaylight!


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