Arrested Decay: A Photo Exhibition

That which is made by man is ravaged by exposure – the lash of the wind, the blinding sun.

Ghostly beautiful, an echo of their utility is all that remains.

The retaliation of nature is abundant and bold;
Deep, soft grasses whispering green and gold;
And the dark and terrible sky, ready to swallow us whole.

– September 25, 2015, Sarah Eakins

An exhibition of photos inspired by the beauty, isolation, and eeriness of Bodie, CA –
an historic, and notorious ghost town in the eastern hills of the Sierra mountains. Bodie is in a state of Arrested Decay – maintained to look exactly as it is forever.

Featuring pieces shot on:
Polaroid Type 54
Fuji FP3000b45
Kodak Technical Pan

James Eakins uses Polaroid Type 54 and Fuji FP3000b45 large format 4×5 instant films. Both Sarah & James’ film expired in 2006, creating their own Arrested Decay – by exposing the slowly degrading expired film.

Sarah Eakins uses Kodak Technical Pan 35mm film. This ultra high contrast film underscores the striking divide between nature and man, while the film’s exceptional fine grain accentuates the sublime beauty of Bodie.

The large divot seen in “Twist of Fate” is a result of the instant chemistry drying in the pod and not spreading across the entire image to develop it. In this sense, there is an experimental quality to all expired film that yields exciting results.

Arrested Decay can be seen next by the public on Downtown Fullerton’s First Friday Artwalk November 6, 2015 at the Magoski Arts Colony in the “Dreaming in Film” room.

223 W Santa Fe Ave, Fullerton, California


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