New Portfolio Website

Sarah Eakins portfolio logoFor this New Year, I created a new website for my design portfolio. The upgrades include

  • A fancy new responsive design
  • Case studies for each of my web design projects
  • Snazzy galleries of print projects
  • An informative FAQ
  • A full service menu with pricing

I’ve also updated my branding with a new logo and tag line

Designs crafted with love


DaVinci’s Demons – 2 Shows left and it’s finally rocking

My husband and I have very similar tastes in movies and tv – scify, cerebral dramas, weird adult swim programming, but sometimes I go way off the radar, and it’s in that place that my nighttime TV shows reside. The ones I watch to ease me into sleep, but more and more, with some shows, I find myself eager to see what happens next.

DaVinci’s Demons [Stars] is no exception. I started watching because I love a good romanticization of history, and I have a special place in my heart for the Late Middle Ages/Renaissance Period. I learned it’s beautiful score is by Bear McCreary, of Battlestar Galactica & Walking Dead fame, and the story is created by David S. Goyer, a co-writer on the Dark Knight trilogy movies. There is adventure, intrigue, lovely visual effects of young DaVinci’s mind at work, and core plot themes of a mystical nature. However, the biggest drawback, and why this is truly a “nighttime” tv show, is that it goes off the rails quite often from the main, completely awesome storyline – all the time – trudging around in a boring plot about Florence vs. Rome and the thuggish Papacy.

Until episode 6, the Devil.


Vlad the Impaler scarred from a lifetime in prison. The eyes forshadow his supernatural nature

The character Da Vinci is hesitant to recognize there are mystical elements in the world, elements which a man so analytical and science minded as himself has difficulty understanding. However, in this episode Leo & Co adventure from Florence to Walachia, and must meet face-to-face with Vlad the Impaler (yup, Dracula). Ridiculous to be sure, but it really turns the whole show around, finally shedding some light on some core story lines and mysteries throughout, including time travel, the Turk’s magic and who the heck Leo’s mother really is.


Just an amazing shot. This show really knows how to create a dramatic image.

Much like Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian Dracula is presented in a very historic way, and eases the viewer into the supernatural. I love stories that walk a delicate line between history and fantasy. The Abyssinian tells Leo

Hell happens when the evil of the world exceeds our belief that we can conquer it.

And that is exactly what Vlad the Impaler is: Hell breaking loose. I have a feeling we’ll see more of him, and I hope the show keeps up with this direction. With only 2 episodes left, I cannot wait!

Interested in watching the series? It’s on Stars and Stars on demand, and there’s an episode catchup marathon this Friday.

Read Bear’s blog about episode 6, his approach to scoring and see the gorgeous photos from the episode

Read a full review of episode 6 and get a general concept of the show.

Get Your Ritual On LED Style + Bits about Smartmeters

I love organizing stuff. From books & spices to clothes & data. My mother would say that I’ve fully embraced my virgo rising. So when SCE replaced my old analog electric meter with a new SmartConnect™ Meter, I discovered that I can check my usage month-by-month and hour-by-hour on a plotted graph. I was in heaven! I could determine every morning when we woke up, and every night when went go to bed – all neatly plotted on the graph in terms of energy usage.

Sitting in the dead heat of late southern california summer, air conditioner blasting for weeks, I was shocked to learn that I use more electricity in December than in the hottest summer months (September is a summer month heat-wise in So Cal).

SCE Monthly Trend

Monthly trend for my Edison Meter. The red line describes the height of usage in December, followed by September’s second highest usage in orange, and lastly, the green line describes the lowest usage point in March.

Why is it higher in December? For one, Standard Time is back in effect (my lowest electricity usage of course is when daylight savings kicks back in March) and two, Holiday lighting is abundant.

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Dead Can Dance at the Gibson Amphitheatre

Dead Can Dance Perform at the Gibson Ampitheatre

A Stellar performance by Dead Can Dance. Lisa Gerrard’s voice was so powerful and beautiful / such range and emotion that I had chills though out the night. She looks beautiful, if not preternatural, and wore a long cape/sash like garment that when the light hit it, made her look like an Angel or a Superhero. Both apply.

Brendan Perry’s voice is in its absolute prime. His rendition of “Song to the Siren” was superbly done, however I missed Robin Guthrie‘s artful shimmering guitar, as they performed “Song to the Siren” on a joint tour last year.

I found this video of “Anabasis” performed the same night we were there, the video is a little far back, but this song was so hypnotizing and the long note she hits at the end continues to give me chills! Thank you to  for the fab video! And thank-you Slicing up Eyeballs for directing me to it. Check out more of the Dead Can Dance North American Tour Set List.


milla jovovich campari calendar stone dress
Fashion, Film, Photography – I am mad for Milla Jovovich, and I call it Milla-Love.

Italy’s prestigious aperitif brand Campari releases a limited-edition, exclusive calendar starring a celebrity. For 2012, the brand invited Milla Jovovich. The photos were shot by French photographer Dimitri Daniloff. Entitled It’s the End of the World, Baby!, it draws inspiration from the ancient Mayan prediction that the world will end on December 21, 2012.

Tori Amos New Album and Concert

Tori Amos new album Night of Hunters release date September 20th 2011

I’ve loved nearly everything Tori Amos has put out for all sorts of reasons. Little Earthquakes and Under the Pink were with me as I was coming of age. Boys for Pele and From the Choir Girl Hotel were fun to explore the fringes: darkness, anger, desperation, and even silliness. Ultimately, she helped me realize I had license to be myself – the worst case scenario being that I’m a weird-o, and best case scenario being that I’m a super-awesome, creative free-thinking woman.

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Ariel’s Undersea Adventure Ride at Disney’s California Adventure

James and I went to the soft opening of DCA’s newest ride Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. I had a lot of expectations after seeing preview images, and of course I’m a long-time fan of the movie. I was so excited to see Prince Eric’s castle with Ariel on the front, we rushed up and got in line.

Ariel’s Undersea Adventure – building concept – Prince Eric’s Castle (found on Wikipedia)

I kept telling James what a wonderful hubby he was, waiting in line with me to go on a kiddy ride – but it was more true than I could have ever known. As we filed through the line, the uninspired surroundings was the first clue for what was to come. I kept thinking that the mediterranean-style-gift-shop-entrance look was ok, because the ride entrances in Storyland aren’t all that great. I’m used to big, immersive ones like Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, Hollywood Tower of Terror, and the ElecTRONica experience. Continue reading

Bret Easton Ellis last reading… Ever!


Best reading/bare-your-soul-q&a ever! Deep, heavy, hilarious! Empire/post empire, jersey shore, the hills, angry birds, Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, James Joyce, how his Dad is the #1 person who fucked him up, betrayal, movie scripts-he hasn’t ruled out writing another book (thank-you James for getting that answer out of him!), how glamorama was about how his father wanted a different son to replace Brett (mind blowing): basically a large scale dinner conversation (imagine if there was wine and food involved!).
Of course we got the rest of our Ellis stuff signed – Yeah!
Thank-you for a great event Skylight Books! Continue reading

Broaddaylight re-imagines the living room for an evening

James playing to Eno's 77 Million Paintings, a beautiful and inspiring light source.

Matthew (left) and James (right) composing parts for a new song

After an inspiring evening at the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, we transformed our living room into a dream-inducing studio and recorded the framework of a new song. I rounded the early morning hours off, swimmingly drunk, and falling asleep to James and Matthew playing ambient techno. Radio Let’s Go – Smodcastle

Super extended radio session – going on 6 hours. Guest hosting a variety of shows for the past few months including Radio Let’s Go! and You Send It We’ll Play It. James nails a groove with guest DJ Julian, dubbed DJ Radar, due to his resemblance to the Mash character.
A crazy group of fans rushed over, looking to get some action on with DJ Lovely Lilly, but it looks like Tram scored the prize instead.
The previous evening starred Kevin Smith at his Smodcastle – a hilarious live podcast at Smith’s own theater. What a perfect dream. Buy a theater, shoot-the-breeze with your friends in front if a live audience, and get paid for it! It’s the first theater of it’s kind and places perfectly in our youtube/podcast world where the nitch is king.