Vocal Recording Essentials

Water, Coconut Water, Rescue Remedy, Headphones & Lyric Book with my trusty pencil are my vocal recording essentials.

Just finished recording my vocals for our latest album! Being hydrated and relaxed are key for me, so much so that all the warming up in the world won’t do any good without h&r. Works great for shows too!

Water, water, water! Sip it through out the sessions.
Coconut water. This is a trick I learned from a vocal coach years ago. It has lots of electrolytes, without all the drying sugars of sports drinks.
Bach Flower Remedies Rescue Remedy: miraculously calms nerves.

Next in my arsenal, a solid set of headphones. Plus, I always have my lyric book handy to note edits made during recording. I always write my lyrics in pencil! That way I can easily edit as I go along.

Of course all this is just on my end, a great producer and great equipment are equally important, and I am forever grateful to the magic my husband works in the studio.

If you want to hear our music, check out my band broaddaylight!


Dead Can Dance at the Gibson Amphitheatre

Dead Can Dance Perform at the Gibson Ampitheatre

A Stellar performance by Dead Can Dance. Lisa Gerrard’s voice was so powerful and beautiful / such range and emotion that I had chills though out the night. She looks beautiful, if not preternatural, and wore a long cape/sash like garment that when the light hit it, made her look like an Angel or a Superhero. Both apply.

Brendan Perry’s voice is in its absolute prime. His rendition of “Song to the Siren” was superbly done, however I missed Robin Guthrie‘s artful shimmering guitar, as they performed “Song to the Siren” on a joint tour last year.

I found this video of “Anabasis” performed the same night we were there, the video is a little far back, but this song was so hypnotizing and the long note she hits at the end continues to give me chills! Thank you to  for the fab video! And thank-you Slicing up Eyeballs for directing me to it. Check out more of the Dead Can Dance North American Tour Set List.

Tori Amos New Album and Concert

Tori Amos new album Night of Hunters release date September 20th 2011

I’ve loved nearly everything Tori Amos has put out for all sorts of reasons. Little Earthquakes and Under the Pink were with me as I was coming of age. Boys for Pele and From the Choir Girl Hotel were fun to explore the fringes: darkness, anger, desperation, and even silliness. Ultimately, she helped me realize I had license to be myself – the worst case scenario being that I’m a weird-o, and best case scenario being that I’m a super-awesome, creative free-thinking woman.

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Broaddaylight re-imagines the living room for an evening

James playing to Eno's 77 Million Paintings, a beautiful and inspiring light source.

Matthew (left) and James (right) composing parts for a new song

After an inspiring evening at the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk, we transformed our living room into a dream-inducing studio and recorded the framework of a new song. I rounded the early morning hours off, swimmingly drunk, and falling asleep to James and Matthew playing ambient techno.

Psychedelic Furs House of Blues Anaheim

I am born into fandom! Playing their Talk Talk Talk album in entirety, followed by an entire set of their hits. Richard Butler is quite possibly the most charming front man know to rock music. Perfect integration of saxophone through the entire evenings – it’s making quite the comeback! Great conversation with the touring guitarist and his friend during post show drinks. Disney magic clearly permeates beyond the parks into downtown Disney. Big thank-you to Milo for arranging the tickets! And my darling hubby of course for dragging me to a perfect show. I should never lose faith that he knows a great concert!

Killradio.org Radio Let’s Go – Smodcastle

Super extended radio session – going on 6 hours. Guest hosting a variety of killradio.org shows for the past few months including Radio Let’s Go! and You Send It We’ll Play It. James nails a groove with guest DJ Julian, dubbed DJ Radar, due to his resemblance to the Mash character.
A crazy group of fans rushed over, looking to get some action on with DJ Lovely Lilly, but it looks like Tram scored the prize instead.
The previous evening starred Kevin Smith at his Smodcastle – a hilarious live podcast at Smith’s own theater. What a perfect dream. Buy a theater, shoot-the-breeze with your friends in front if a live audience, and get paid for it! It’s the first theater of it’s kind and places perfectly in our youtube/podcast world where the nitch is king.

Goldfrapp at the Bowl

front woman allison goldfrapp of goldfrapp at the hollywood bowl

Front woman Allison Goldfrapp of Goldfrapp at their debut performance at the Hollywood Bowl looked like a creation out of Xanadu

GOLDFRAPP = FAN-TAS-TIC – a better birthday present I dare you to find!

I love all of their songs, but LUCKY FOR ME they played my absolute favorites! Opening with Utopia and closing with an encore from her new album.

He soaring soprano voice is breath-taking to hear live.
The fab Xanadu stage aesthetic – think silver lame capes & key-tars – her hair blowing dramatically around her face from a floor fan gave me the feel that I was watching a music video for the entire performance.
Their supremely danceable, fun, sexy, music transports me to a world of apricot sunrises and pool side light.

James commented that Allison Goldfrapp herself is a perfect cross between Olivia Newton John, Pat Benatar and Fleetwood Mac and that he’d always wanted to go to an Olivia Newton John concert and now feels that he has. Goldfrapp’s cover of Olivia Newton John’s “physical” is sexy gritty clubby – awesome.

She had the Bowl dancing wherever there was a shred of space to move!

goldfrapp & the buena vista social club

goldfrapp and the buena vista social club

The Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra played before her and I immediately became a fan. Dinner tables and white-gloved waiters served the boxes during their cabana club performance hearkening to the Ricky Ricardo supper-club era. Couples samba-ed in the aisles and wine flowed freely.

Dangerbird & Delphic

delphic dangerbird show

Delphic @ Dangerbird studios, see all their electronic gear on stage! From left to right: Matt, James & Dan

Dangerbird Records, founded by local Silver Lake band the Silversun Pickups,put on a music even at their label featuring their new band Delphic.

Complimentary gourmet food truck with the best Fries, the best Ice Cream sandwiches, Beer, Wine and Fun!

The studio/label was beautiful, green and modern. Very much a secret gem of a place in Los Angeles [I want to dedicate a page to secret places in LA].

The band played on a patio above an outdoor basketball court (pictured right). In fact they played during the NBA Championship halftime! After the show everyone crowded around the flat screens setup in the court and parking lot to watch the Lakers take the victory.

Acolyte Album link, Delphic Band

Acolyte Album

Delphic blew us away! An amazing blend of guitars and techno, that echoes Manchester greats like Joy Division and the Chemical Brothers. I will definitely have to get their album when it comes out at the end of the month.

Click Here for a Wikipedia list of Greater Manchester area bands. The place spawns a prolific lot of amazing artists.

We were fortunate enough to talk to Delphic after their show. Formed in 2008, Matt, James and Dan were a joy to talk to, unfortunately we weren’t able to meet their amazing athlete of a drummer. They’re very down to earth and love the music scene from where they come.

Broaddaylight whirl-wind DJ tour winds down

Club Violaine featured James Eakins of broaddaylight to DJ saturday night; and killradio.org‘s show “radio let’s go!” invited broaddaylight to guest DJ their show last Sunday. Had a blast on both nights and met some really awesome people! Richard, Lilly and Alex of killradio are all fantastic and some of my new favorite people.
Sean Connelly of Glass Battles is my Taurus Conspirator, how I do adore my kind!
DJ Darren Revell – Big Sonic Heaven – had his birthday party at kung pow kitty yesterday that was super-fun. Amazing Irish Car Bomb chocolate cupcakes. Check-box checked next to his name for another great friend as well!

Up Movie Poster

Up had tears running down my face within 20 minutes. I love, love, love that movie! It fully deserved the academy nomination awarded, and was definitely one of the best movies I saw that came out of last year.

Full movie poster image

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was delightful! Graphics, costume changes, and imaginings of each character were brilliant. Did I mention Alice’s costume changes? The story was truly a “part two”, building upon Alice in Wonderland in an original way while not deviating from its voice.