Siri-ously, It’s kinda like I’m on the Enterprise.

I hated Siri before I even knew her. It seemed she was just some useless tool with a robotic voice on the verge of hysterics, like a Dr. Who Dalek. Then came the eye-rolling ads portraying Siri as a buddy of John Malcovich, Zooey Deschanel, etc. I couldn’t flip-forward fast enough.


Enter the iPhone5. Now that Siri hangs out on my phone, I’ve seriously warmed up to her. Set up an appointment, get directions to it, text to confirm, find out if its raining that day, and even search out if there’s a Starbucks on the way – all using Siri, it’s so easy!

She can’t read my mind, but even the computer on the Enterprise couldn’t do that!




Get Your Ritual On LED Style + Bits about Smartmeters

I love organizing stuff. From books & spices to clothes & data. My mother would say that I’ve fully embraced my virgo rising. So when SCE replaced my old analog electric meter with a new SmartConnect™ Meter, I discovered that I can check my usage month-by-month and hour-by-hour on a plotted graph. I was in heaven! I could determine every morning when we woke up, and every night when went go to bed – all neatly plotted on the graph in terms of energy usage.

Sitting in the dead heat of late southern california summer, air conditioner blasting for weeks, I was shocked to learn that I use more electricity in December than in the hottest summer months (September is a summer month heat-wise in So Cal).

SCE Monthly Trend

Monthly trend for my Edison Meter. The red line describes the height of usage in December, followed by September’s second highest usage in orange, and lastly, the green line describes the lowest usage point in March.

Why is it higher in December? For one, Standard Time is back in effect (my lowest electricity usage of course is when daylight savings kicks back in March) and two, Holiday lighting is abundant.

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Snowcrash and The Simple Rules of eReaders

I’m a lover of all things Science Fiction, and after riding high on the real world Cyber-punk Daemon & it’s the sequel Freedom™ by Daniel Suarez (favorite books of 2011), I was looking to, ahem, maintain. An acquaintance recommended Snowcrash, and thus I dove right in. I wish I had read the following Wikipedia entry, which sounds right up my ally and really interesting, only to avoid the situation discussed in this blog:

Snow Crash is Neal Stephenson’s third novel, published in 1992. Like many of Stephenson’s other novels it covers history, linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, religion, computer science, politics, cryptography, memetics, and philosophy.

Here begins my education of the new rules of book reading in the day and age of eReaders. Before eReaders, my self-imposed book reading rules where just one:

The Golden Rule: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Unfortunately this largely doesn’t apply to eReaders. Long gone are the days of flipping the book to the front and staring at the image, puzzling out its meaning and pondering what I’d just read.
…back to Snowcrash, I read half way through the 3rd paragraph, and then quit promptly after reading this line:

The Deliverator took out his gun, centered its laser doo-hickey on that poised Louisville Slugger, fired it.

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Ariel’s Undersea Adventure Ride at Disney’s California Adventure

James and I went to the soft opening of DCA’s newest ride Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. I had a lot of expectations after seeing preview images, and of course I’m a long-time fan of the movie. I was so excited to see Prince Eric’s castle with Ariel on the front, we rushed up and got in line.

Ariel’s Undersea Adventure – building concept – Prince Eric’s Castle (found on Wikipedia)

I kept telling James what a wonderful hubby he was, waiting in line with me to go on a kiddy ride – but it was more true than I could have ever known. As we filed through the line, the uninspired surroundings was the first clue for what was to come. I kept thinking that the mediterranean-style-gift-shop-entrance look was ok, because the ride entrances in Storyland aren’t all that great. I’m used to big, immersive ones like Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, Hollywood Tower of Terror, and the ElecTRONica experience. Continue reading

iPad Announced!

Streaming Twit coverage over my iPhone app, refreshing the live blog on my desktop, and not moving for the whole hour and a half presentation of Apple’s newest product, the iPad. The price is right, it’s nearly perfect, fits in the purse, it’s HD.

Apple calls it magical, but I’m ok with wow’d.

James and I are saving up for ours now…

Photo Stitching, Rainy Day

Three day weekend!
Monday rejuvenation!
Invigorating rain storm!
I dug a little channel in the mud with my hand to drain the lake that formed along side of our house. I was quite proud of my handiwork, though I managed a pretty good scrape along my finger, pesky rock.
I explored more of my autostitching photo app…

when the sun hits silver lake 1

when the sun hits silver lake 2

rainy boug

Rainy Day Birdbath

Sevrin for Silents

Steven Sevrin performed Music for Silents live at the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax on the 13th.
Playing over 6 silents, 5 of them contemporary, my favorite was the The Seashell an the Clergyman.
Considered to be the first surrealist film est. 1928, I am endlessly fascinated with the look of the people in the film, and the special effects were remarkable.

Sevrin performed the score at a tiny desk on stage with a laptop, glass of red wine and luminous kidoscopic mouse. Mysterious, haunting, beautiful, and frightening.

His score allowed the subconscious to sort out what the eyes were seeing, even if the conscious was still left in a daze.

James went the flowing night solo to see the premier of Sevrin’s score to Jean Cocteau’s The Blood of a Poet and was blown away. He has a gift of understanding these surrealist movies. Where I see sex, violence and impenetrable symbolism, he sees a clear narrative had a deepened understanding from the symbolism. Ah I love this man!

In turn, I spent the night setting up my blog!… and playing a little ACII

He always knows the most artful and inspiring things to go to. I am so grateful for these experiences he gives me.

Sept 20th 2009, we attended the lecture An Evening With Brian Eno. This was in fact the most artistic and inspiring experience I’ve had since I studied art in college. His unique perspective on art and what art is, is the most concisely put I have ever experienced.

Fine art is when there is no longer a need for function

There is a math to his concepts, a sublime preciseness.
I still kick myself for not recording the audio. I would love to hear that lecture again!

The First Two Week Round-up, give or take…


Beautiful day!– Even more fun than our fantastic new years eve!– Drinking mimosa’s and creating the Nameless Decade Deathpool
Creators: James, Sarah, Tanya, Troy.
While this sounds morbid, it was tons of fun – We even got the pizza guy in on it!*

New Years Resolution: Enjoy every minute!
Revel in each days awsomness
Remember everyday as if it was the most adventurous day of your life.

I was so inspired by how the characters “wrote” Dracula. Each strove to remember, verbatim, every moment and conversation. The years seem to get away from me, and bleed into each other. I want this year to be full, and I want to remember what happened or what I was thinking! That’s the inspiration of this blog.

*New Years Eve was spent with James (my Pi ), Robert, Tanya, Matt & Kim, Troy and Texan at Tikki Ti and Good Luck; then we cruised over to Jen & Justin’s house party for the Big Countdown (we went with the Dick Clark Clock) and James dipped me and gave me a passionate drunken kiss; and we put hats and masks on in all the wrong places and danced the night away!


Made it safely from behind the orange curtain.
Watched a lot of Satellite.
Terminator Salvation was pretty darn good! Sam Worthington is my new favorite action star.

Like Springtime, perfect and fresh. Lemony sun, delightfully warm, wind nuzzling like a lamb, flowers and branches bobbing, curtseying in the breeze.
There have been so many lovely Springtime days in the past few weeks. It’s only January, but my favorite season can’t come too early!


In the high middle ages, knights would gather at tournaments, dress up like Lancelot, Arthur and other chivalric romance characters and go about acting out those adventures.

*It’s amazing how similar human beings are to today’s human beings. Adventurous, playful and romantic.

Love the word: PROWESS

Christianity and Europe.

While listening to the early middle ages lectures, and currently the high middle ages I wonder how the world would be if Constantine had not converted to Christianity and thrust it onto the world stage as the primary European religion. Would our culture have been vastly different? Would The Western world be so poweful? Would I be happy? And would I realize that happiness is attainable?


The boug is flowering mightily! So beautiful and wintery with just bark and flowers.

A night of Assasin’s Creed II.
I love these nights of adventuring! This is one of the best games I have ever played!

The historical research that went into this game is remarkable! I’m learning all about the Italian renaissance: architecture, art and city planning to politics and religion, society and families of it’s time.

Courtesans and theives are my allys along with, most impressively, Leonardo Da Vinci.

The game developers did not stop at the citys for historical accuracy. My lectures on the middle ages describe EXACTLY what I am seeing in the country side: little fiefs with farms and manors dotting the countryside around fortified cities.

I love the broad scope of game play: both RPG and Action Adventure in one.
I build up my town and villa by investing in its businesses, people, infrastructure, etc and by purchasing works of art, weapons, armor. As the town does better, it makes more money and bankrolls my adventuring!

The training, tutorials and homebase of the game are very intuitive. I didn’t even realize that I had a home base or had been trained on something until the story mode craftily revealed it to me in the missions.

I am constantly being thrilled by the new missions, the places they take me, the spookiness, the variety of ways I can accomplish them. And of course the weaponry and wicked kill moves!

The mystery of the story is compelling as well. What is the “apple” of Eden?

How do the templar’s use it to gain power, what is their plan?

They must have built on top of the “weapon” motif of assasin’s creed I.

Whatever the case, just keep giving me more puzzles! More history! More art! More adventure!

Yes, I think this is my favorite game. (Zelda has always in the top spot, but Assasin’s creed II is actually almost there)

**Top Games!
Legend of Zelda: Ocorina of Time a
Assasin’s Creed II
Super Mario Bros Sunshine b
Little Big Planet
Oblivion: Elder Scrolls
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
Tomb Raider
a. subset legend of zelda’s in order
b. subset of mario bros’ in order


A mob of teens in the starbucks this morning.
A quick investigation revealed that school was starting late. For a second, I wanted to experience teen-dom again, almost… But the idea of facing an intense and brutal social hierarchy again was sobering.

Getting excited about finances again. Woo-hoo finally!
Next week Thursday: find a good Roth IRA

Sugar-pusher goes Down! cookies and skittles? Oh come on!
We’ve got a bonafide sugar pusher in these parts.
Today I make my stand.
No. More. Candy.!!